The Internet Infrastucture and How It Works

Internet InfrastructureThe Internet is a global collection of networks that connect together in many different ways.  The greatest quality of the Internet is that  NO ONE owns the Internet.  Groups like The Internet Society, a non profit group established in 1992 that oversees the formation of the policies and protocols that define how we use and interact on the Internet, may monitor the Internet but it is there for everyone that has the ability to access it to use it.

Every computer that is connected to the Internet is part of a network.   At work, you may be part of a local area network (LAN), but you most likely still connect to the Internet using an ISP that your company has contracted with. When you connect to your ISP, you become part of their network. The ISP may then connect to a larger network and become part of their network. The Internet is simply a network of networks.

Most large communications companies have their own dedicated backbones connecting various regions. In each region, the company has a Point of Presence (POP). The POP is a place for local users to access the company’s network, often through a local phone number or dedicated line. The amazing thing here is that there is no overall controlling network. Instead, there are several high-level networks connecting to each other through Network Access Points (NAPs).

In the Internet, dozens of large Internet providers interconnect at NAPs in various cities, and trillions of bytes of data flow between the individual networks at these points. The Internet is a collection of huge corporate networks that agree to all intercommunicate with each other at the NAPs. In this way, every computer on the Internet connects to every other.

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Internet Access Points

Internet Access PointsWhat are Internet Access Points

Wireless Internet Access Points are specially configured nodes on wireless local area networks.  Access points act as a central transmitter and receiver of wireless local area networks radio signals.

Internet Access Points and Business

In business networks when you require providing wireless connection to areas where running network cables is impossible, you can use wireless Internet access points for wireless access to the network. Or when you require providing mobile devices wirelessly access the network, you can create hotspots with security segregation. Or in harsh plant environments you can create point-to-point, point-to-multi point, or mesh networks, you require wireless outdoor access points.

Wireless Internet access points should be able to work with different operational modes: Access point, Repeater, Network Bridge, and wireless Client mode. In the Wireless Internet Access Point Mode, the device allows for any existing wired network to go wireless by simply attaching the device using the Ethernet cable to an open port in your router or switch.

In the Wireless Ethernet Bridge Mode or Client mode, the device enables any wired Ethernet-ready device to connect to your existing wireless network. Connect your PC, notebook, printer, network camera, or even an entire wired network to the Internet access point device via a switch and establish a wireless connection to your wireless network. In repeater mode, you can add other AP devices to extend the wireless network without the need to run backbone cables.

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Website Monitoring: Connecting You to Your Target Market

For anyone that has their own website, it is important to understand how critical it is to full grasp who your target market is. Even if your website happens to be a digital version of your portfolio, you will still want to attract people to come view it. What draws people to your website? How do you keep your visitors coming back? How do you build retention?

Retailers understand this idea of customer satisfaction more than anyone as they depend on making sales in order to stay in business. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce site, all parties involved must understand and implement the same standards as both businesses are essentially the same, just in two completely different locations. However, a brick-and-mortar business may have a leg up with customer service as there is a great amount of face time, where as on the internet, you may not have any direct contact with a sales representative. Getting to know your customer and/or target market is imperative in staying afloat. When a customer enters a store in a mall, a sales representative may have the opportunity to approach that customer and offer any assistance or guidance if needed. On a website, it is rare for a customer to receive this kind of personal attention. If a customer tries to leave a store, an employee may be able to assist in convincing that individual to stay and shop around. But how can you do this when you have a website?

The internet makes it easy for someone to jump from website to website in a matter of seconds. This can either make or break your online business depending on how you approach it. Using a website monitoring solution can aid in preventing loss of business from occurring. But how?

Website Monitoring

1. You will be notified immediately via SMS text and/or e-mail when an issue arises with your website This will resolve the biggest issue that websites have…functionality. No matter how large or small your website is, it usually has some sort of navigation with different tools (i.e. – photo album, video, blog, shopping cart, etc.). If a certain function on your website is not working properly, a website monitoring service will notify you to ensure that the problem can be fixed before your customers find out. If a customer visits a website and immediately has a problem with viewing something or perhaps checking out using the shopping cart function, they are going to leave very frustrated and find a different website to shop from or browse. This can truly hurt your business alone.

2. Website monitoring will monitor individual pages on your site. Each page may provide a certain functionality or may have been set up or built differently than the other. There for, it is important that EACH page on the website is monitored safely and efficiently. Aside from checking each individual page, website monitoring will check for specific text on the monitored pages.

3. Check SSL secured website or pages and SSL certification expiration. SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer protocol which ensures secure transactions through the internet. This is extremely important to have for your website because it protects your business and your customers, especially when transactions are made using the personal information of your customers such as credit card information, addresses and social security numbers.

All in all, website monitoring ultimately connects you to your customer because it protects your business and your visitors while notifying you when a problem arises before your customers find out for themselves. It will ensure that your website can be trusted and keep your customers returning to your site. For more information on website monitoring, please Yup It’s Up for a FREE 30 day trial.

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Network Monitoring for the Hotel Industry

Network monitoring has become a staple for all businesses offering a hot spot or WiFi connection for customers. Such industries include coffee shops, restaurants, but even more, the hotel industry can truly benefit from this incredible service that is rapidly growing in popularity.

So what is network monitoring? Network monitoring is a service provided by a third-party company, such as Yup It’s Up, and allows the owner or manager of a business to be aware when a network problem arises. Whether the connection is running particularly slow or the internet connection is completely lost, Yup It’s Up will notify the business immediately of any problems. This will ensure that the issue can be fixed before your customers find out.

So many people travel whether it is for business or pleasure. No matter what the purpose of your travels is, nothing is worse than spending a few nights at a hotel and suddenly the internet connection is down. Why does this happen? The possibility of causes are infinite. But fortunately, the way to prevent this from occurring is making sure you are prepared by providing your business with network monitoring.

People depend on an excellent internet connection to check emails, research and do work. If they are lacking a good internet connection, the customer is going to not only get irritated, frustrated and disappointed, but it can allow your business to lose a sale. The customer may even become so angry that they leave your hotel and spend their remaining trip in another. Even if the customer decides to stay, they may never return to the hotel where they had a poor experience and spread the word of their frustrations to their co-workers. Word of mouth is vital when you have a business and news of the negative experience can travel quickly. This will not only cause people from staying at your hotel in the future, but it can create a terrible stigma that can be irreversible.

Whether you are part of a chain of hotels or have your own boutique hotel, everyone can benefit from network monitoring. Yup It’s Up provides both light and heavy network monitoring depending on your individual needs.

What can Yup It’s Up do for you?
1. Alert you immediately via SMS texts and/or e-mails when a connection is slow or down
2. Run checks on your network
3. Uptime graphing
4. Provide either heavy or light monitoring depending you what you need
5. Offer monitoring for your hotel’s website as well

Why Yup It’s Up for YOUR hotel?
1. Yup It’s Up offers extremely competitive pricing compared to other network monitoring companies
2. No credit card required for sign-up!
3. Offering a FREE 30 day trial
4. More time is spent taking care of your network versus what other companies provide

The choice is simple. Network monitoring is by far the best solution for your WiFi connection to ensure that your customers remain happy and your business is running smoothly. There are so many things to worry about, there is no need to worry about a poor internet connection. So sit back and relax. We’ve got you covered.

See what all of the fuss is about! Registering is fast and easy. Start your free 30 day trial today!

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Why Website Monitoring Keeps You Connected

As the internet becomes more and more popular and e-commerce businesses continue to pop up, it is important for a business owner to be aware of the good and the bad. Many business owners who have a website may think that everything is running smoothly on their site. However, there are many problems that arise on a day-to-day basis that they may be completely unaware of.

For instance, if you own an e-commerce business and are expecting customers to purchase merchandise from your site, they may run into some common problems such as certain functions not working properly. Have you ever been to a site and seen an error message pop up or go to a page that does not show up? Maybe you are ready to check out and the shopping cart function has stopped working. Perhaps it could even be that your site is not completely up-to-date with the current certifications. All of these issues are common among websites and need to be brought to the business owner’s attention immediately to ensure that their online business is running smoothly.

Website monitoring is the solution to this problem. Why? A website monitoring company, such as Yup It’s Up, specializes in monitoring websites and ensuring that these problems are immediately brought to your attention. If there is a technical issue with your website, it is important for you as a business owner to be aware and stay connected.

Yup It’s Up provides website monitoring services that include the monitoring of individual pages on your site, checking for specific text on the monitored pages, checking SSL secured websites and/or pages as well as checking SSL certification expiration. If your website has any problems, Yup It’s Up will alert you via SMS text and/or e-mail so that you are constantly aware of any technical difficulties. This is ultimately beneficial for the business owner because issues can be addressed before your customers find out for themselves.

As soon as a customer runs into an issue with your website, they are automatically irritated, frustrated and annoyed. With so much competition and other websites out there, it is hard to maintain a steady flow of traffic when your website is down. Even if a customer leaves your site just once, you may risk the chance of that person never returning to your site because of their poor experience. Your company’s reputation could potentially be damaged and you’ve lost business.

Don’t allow this scenario to happen to you. Website monitoring is quite useful and beneficial to both you as a business owner and your clients. Maintain an excellent reputation and keep your customers coming back to your site. Yup It’s Up offers both light and heavy monitoring to suit your individual needs. Get started today with a free 30 day trial. Registering is fast and easy and the best part is, no credit card is required for sign up. Let Yup It’s Up provide you with the services you deserve.

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Why Hotels Need a Network Monitoring Solution

You wouldn’t dream of renting a room without making sure that the bed sheets were changed right?  So why would you allow a guest to check into a room where the internet isn’t working? Take the guess work out of it, and monitor all you access points with Yup it’s Up. Yup It’s Up will allow you to confidently check a guest into their room knowing in advance that the access point serving their room is fully functioning!

Hotel guests expect reliable Internet access while traveling, and will likely check out of hotels that cannot dependably provide this service.  Yup It’s Up allows hoteliers to proactively monitor (via the Yup It’s Up website portal, text messaging to a cell phone or email notifications) and respond to any down alerts of their system before a guest is ever negatively impacted.

Yup It’s Up also offers the capacity to monitor your website’s reservation pages, links, and online shopping cart for integrity and performance, to further ensure a positive guest experience!

With room rates at $80-$150+ per night, a Yup It’s Up basic plan ($10.00 per month) could prove to be both an affordable and indispensable new tool for hoteliers or any other business with a vested interest in making sure their IT infrastructure is fully operational.”

To get started, check out the FREE 30-day trial we are currently offering. No credit card required! Start monitoring your hotel network today!

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Why You Can’t Live Without Website Monitoring

You have your own e-commerce store and you feel that everything is going well. You’re moving inventory, making sales, and all in all, you are happy with the way business is going. But are your customers protected?

Let’s face it, we all use the internet for almost everything these days. It is becoming one of the most efficient and best ways to shop. Why? The internet allows people to search for deals, find merchandise they may not be able to find in their local store, or it could be the convenience factor. Why go to the mall when you can shop in your pajamas? Internet businesses are booming and as a business owner, you appreciate the customers that shop at your online store. But are you doing your absolute best to service your customers?

The main thing customers are looking for while shopping online is not only the deal and how fast their merchandise can be shipped to them, but protection. While the internet is a wonderful thing, there are many negatives as well that people do not typically think about, such as safety. When putting in credit card information, customers want to feel that their personal material is safe. Website monitoring can ensure that your customers are safe and information is not being seen by a third party. Yup It’s Up, a website and network monitoring company, provides this service and many others at its finest.

So what else can Yup It’s Up and website monitoring do for you?
– Notify you via SMS text and/or e-mail when a problem arises
– Monitor individual pages
– Protect your website
– Check for SSL secured websites or pages
– Check SSL certification expiration

For more information on website monitoring, visit Yup It’s Up today and get started with a FREE 30 day trial!

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Website Monitoring… From an SEO Standpoint

Last week, the team at Yup It’s Up spoke with several cutting-edge search engine optimization companies in regards to how they are using website monitoring services for their internet marketing campaigns. The results that were discovered were very interesting.

A couple firms stated they use a website monitoring service for all of their paid search campaigns. The reason being is because they are frequently creating new landing pages for different campaigns, and sometimes keeping track of them can be a full-time job, especially those pages that have several call-to-action features, such as a contact form or ‘live-chat’ feature.

“Having a website monitoring service helps with SEO because it reduces our constant worry of ‘bounce-rates’. We know that if a page is down on a site, we are not going to get the conversions we are seeking. Even when I am out of the office, I’m glad to have a service like Yup It’s Up that will notify me via text message if one of our micro-sites is having an issue,” said Joe Restivo, Director of Search Strategy at Klik Marketing.

When speaking to companies who are not using website monitoring services, we asked them very simply, why not? The most popular response was that SEO firms didn’t even think about having such a service. After giving them some options to choose from, Yup It’s Up was the product of choice.

Yup It’s Up offers double the monitoring capabilities with half the price!Additionally, new users are getting a FREE 30-day trial. What are you waiting for?! Enhance your SEO campaign today!

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Top 10 Reasons Why Website & Network Monitoring Are a Must

You may have heard about website and network monitoring from friends, family members or colleagues. Maybe you read about it or saw an advertisement for a service provider. It either captivated your attention immediately or it was something you never thought twice about. You even questioned why on earth your business would need such a thing?

Network and website monitoring are becoming very popular among businesses and a vital service to have whether you have an E-commerce based company or a Brick and Mortar business, a large association or small, both network and website monitoring are extraordinarily beneficial.

10. No Need for Technical Support. This will not only cut costs but it will also streamline any problems that occur. There will be no need for technical support (which can be costly) as your network and website monitoring service provider will contact you directly when a problem arises. In turn, the issue will be resolved before your customers are discouraged and you will be notified immediately.

9. Protection. Not only will your business be protected but your customers will as well. For instance, if you have an e-commerce business, do you think that customers will be happy if the website is not secured properly? What happens when someone types in their credit card information and another party is able to hack this because the website was not protected? This type of situation can truly ruin your company’s reputation. A website monitoring service will help resolving this issue.

8. Internet Connection. Nothing is worse than being at a quiet location such as a coffee shop and doing work, browsing the internet, or writing a paper and all of a sudden…the internet connection is down. You have lost everything you were working on. You are now angry, frustrated and upset. You even question if you are going to return to this business. This happens more often than not. How, as a business owner, do you recover? This is a huge benefit of network monitoring. Network monitoring will allow businesses to respond quickly and effectively to any down time.

7. Accommodating You: The Business Owner. Do you want your business to be protected but still be in the know at all times? How about receiving notifications and updates via SMS text and/or e-mail? That is the most wonderful thing about it all. Technology has become so imperative over the last decade and we constantly want the opportunity to stay connected at all times. Being updated will allow you to be aware of a problem with the reassurance that the issues are noted and resolved immediately.

6. Secured Website, Pages and SSL Expiration Checks. Does your business have a website? Website monitoring will make sure that your website is secure as well as all of its pages. This gives extra protection to ensure that your site is safe. This particular service will also check for SSL expirations which can guarantee that everything is up-to-date. We know you are busy, so this is one less thing for you to worry about!

5. Keeping Your Customers Happy. It is very apparent that when owning a business, you must keep your customers happy as they are the ones who drive your sales. Show them how much you appreciate their business by keeping them safe and content. Whether you have a shop that has internet connection or you are an online business, network and website monitoring are the tools you need to maintain stability and success.

4. Good for ANY business. You do not have to be a coffee shop or an internet-based business to utilize the services of network and website monitoring. Hotels, airports, restaurants and many other businesses can use these services as well. Are you a marketing company and manage many clients and their websites? Using a network monitoring and website monitoring service can truly save you time and money.

3. Options for Heavy and Light Monitoring. Maybe you have multiple monitors that you need protected and secured, or maybe you just have two. There are different options and plans to meet your needs as a business. After all, these services are here to convenience you.

2. Increase Profit. Scenario #1: You have an e-commerce website. Your shopping cart function is working fast and efficiently. People are not leaving your site because they are frustrated. Your profits are increasing as well as your traffic. Scenario #2: You own a local diner that offers wifi connection. People are coming in, spending money and getting their work done. Any time an issue arises, you are able to respond immediately. Your business is booming and people are returning to their favorite spot to get work done and eat a delicious cheeseburger. The end result: customers are content and your business is prosperous.

1. Create a Good Reputation. It is important more than ever to create a good reputation, especially in our current economy. A business man is chatting with a colleague about his latest business trip to California. He was pleased with the hotel he stayed at as well as the service he was provided. This service also includes the great internet connection he received. “You definitely need to stay at Hotel B next time you visit. The hotel I stayed at last year, Hotel A, kept losing internet connection, how frustrating!” Believe it or not, these conversations do occur and it can really create a stigma for your business. Your company is yours to mold. Strive to make it the best it can be with excellent network and website monitoring!

Yup It’s Up can provide all of the above services to you. We are fast, reliable and our goal is to make you and your business as successful as it can be. Our prices are second to none as well as our customer satisfaction. No need to hesitate, especially with our FREE 30 day trial!

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Network Monitoring for ALL Businesses

Just because you do not own a restaurant or a coffee shop, does not mean you cannot utilize a network monitoring service. Network monitoring is important because it protects your customers, no matter what kind of company you have.

How many people travel for business? There are millions. Having internet connection is extremely important, especially in an airport. In this facility, it is hard to maintain a stable internet connection with all of the computers running at one time. A network monitoring service would be extremely valuable here. Why? If the internet goes down, what will be the outcome? There will be hundreds of angry people in an airport, clearly a terrible situation. A network monitoring system will keep the internet up and running and in turn, customers are happy.

What about a library? Many people visit a library to conduct research and do work. What if there is no internet connection? Many people depend on their public libraries and if they cannot deliver, people will grow angry and resentful, especially if this is the only means they have of using a computer.

Do you own a bookstore? Many people will post up, read a book or magazine, enjoy a cup of coffee and study with their laptops. Internet connection is needed here and you want your customers coming back. A network monitoring system will definitely protect your business.

Case in point: the possibilities for network monitoring are endless. It is such an important tool to have because it will ensure that there is a constant internet connection. This service will also notify you immediately when a problem arises.

Play it safe and protect your business with Yup It’s Up – truly one of the best network monitoring services available. To try it now with a free 30 day trial, visit

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