Internet Access Points

Internet Access PointsWhat are Internet Access Points

Wireless Internet Access Points are specially configured nodes on wireless local area networks.  Access points act as a central transmitter and receiver of wireless local area networks radio signals.

Internet Access Points and Business

In business networks when you require providing wireless connection to areas where running network cables is impossible, you can use wireless Internet access points for wireless access to the network. Or when you require providing mobile devices wirelessly access the network, you can create hotspots with security segregation. Or in harsh plant environments you can create point-to-point, point-to-multi point, or mesh networks, you require wireless outdoor access points.

Wireless Internet access points should be able to work with different operational modes: Access point, Repeater, Network Bridge, and wireless Client mode. In the Wireless Internet Access Point Mode, the device allows for any existing wired network to go wireless by simply attaching the device using the Ethernet cable to an open port in your router or switch.

In the Wireless Ethernet Bridge Mode or Client mode, the device enables any wired Ethernet-ready device to connect to your existing wireless network. Connect your PC, notebook, printer, network camera, or even an entire wired network to the Internet access point device via a switch and establish a wireless connection to your wireless network. In repeater mode, you can add other AP devices to extend the wireless network without the need to run backbone cables.

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