Network Monitoring for the Hotel Industry

Network monitoring has become a staple for all businesses offering a hot spot or WiFi connection for customers. Such industries include coffee shops, restaurants, but even more, the hotel industry can truly benefit from this incredible service that is rapidly growing in popularity.

So what is network monitoring? Network monitoring is a service provided by a third-party company, such as Yup It’s Up, and allows the owner or manager of a business to be aware when a network problem arises. Whether the connection is running particularly slow or the internet connection is completely lost, Yup It’s Up will notify the business immediately of any problems. This will ensure that the issue can be fixed before your customers find out.

So many people travel whether it is for business or pleasure. No matter what the purpose of your travels is, nothing is worse than spending a few nights at a hotel and suddenly the internet connection is down. Why does this happen? The possibility of causes are infinite. But fortunately, the way to prevent this from occurring is making sure you are prepared by providing your business with network monitoring.

People depend on an excellent internet connection to check emails, research and do work. If they are lacking a good internet connection, the customer is going to not only get irritated, frustrated and disappointed, but it can allow your business to lose a sale. The customer may even become so angry that they leave your hotel and spend their remaining trip in another. Even if the customer decides to stay, they may never return to the hotel where they had a poor experience and spread the word of their frustrations to their co-workers. Word of mouth is vital when you have a business and news of the negative experience can travel quickly. This will not only cause people from staying at your hotel in the future, but it can create a terrible stigma that can be irreversible.

Whether you are part of a chain of hotels or have your own boutique hotel, everyone can benefit from network monitoring. Yup It’s Up provides both light and heavy network monitoring depending on your individual needs.

What can Yup It’s Up do for you?
1. Alert you immediately via SMS texts and/or e-mails when a connection is slow or down
2. Run checks on your network
3. Uptime graphing
4. Provide either heavy or light monitoring depending you what you need
5. Offer monitoring for your hotel’s website as well

Why Yup It’s Up for YOUR hotel?
1. Yup It’s Up offers extremely competitive pricing compared to other network monitoring companies
2. No credit card required for sign-up!
3. Offering a FREE 30 day trial
4. More time is spent taking care of your network versus what other companies provide

The choice is simple. Network monitoring is by far the best solution for your WiFi connection to ensure that your customers remain happy and your business is running smoothly. There are so many things to worry about, there is no need to worry about a poor internet connection. So sit back and relax. We’ve got you covered.

See what all of the fuss is about! Registering is fast and easy. Start your free 30 day trial today!

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