Website Monitoring Benefits for Internet Marketing Companies

Internet marketing companies are usually very cutting-edge, as most of their business derives from their technology based marketing. Whether it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Adwords, social media, or a different medium, these businesses are quite advanced.

While internet marketing companies work closely with their clients to ensure they are receiving the best forms of internet marketing possible, people are not always thinking about the mechanics of their client’s website. What happens when an issue arises with the actual website? What if a customer is trying to add an item to their shopping cart and receive an error message in return? Or, what if someone is trying to read information on the company but is directed to another page? There are many potential issues when it comes to websites… there really is no telling what mechanical problems can take place! These very obstacles can be the reason your client is not getting traffic or losing business.

A website monitoring system is the simple solution for all internet marketing companies. Why? Website monitoring systems can detect problems and will ensure that website applications are running properly. Internet marketing companies usually have multiple clients and at times, it can be difficult to manage all of the individual accounts, especially when a mechanical error takes place.

Yup It’s Up, which offers both network monitoring and website monitoring services, will notify you immediately via SMS text and/or email if there is a problem. Yup It’s Up provides an incredible service that will not only manage the website as a whole, but will also oversee the individual pages, ensuring that the website and pages are SSL secured, and check on updates/certification expirations so that the website is up-to-date at all times.

This is appealing to internet marketing companies because Yup It’s Up can manage all of your client’s websites while you are able to focus on gaining customers and driving traffic. This not only adds a beneficial service to your company but it also provides the security and management your clients deserve.

Yup It’s Up is currently offering a free 30-day trial for internet marketing companies. For more information, please visit

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No Credit Card Needed for Free Trial

Yup It’s Up takes pride in the services that we offer and we are focused on keeping our clients happy. Due to customer feedback, a credit card is no longer required for Yup It’s Up to activate your free trial for our network & website monitoring services! Our job is to assist our customers in the best way possible and if something is not practical or efficient, we will make the appropriate changes to ensure that our customers are content.

Other ways we have focused on our clients is providing a FREE 30 day trial! This free trial showcases the services that Yup It’s Up offers to new members. At the end of our trial, you will notice our prices are extremely competitive, and our service is reliable.

We truly appreciate each and every one of our customers and welcome feedback. For more information on the services we provide, check out

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The Importance of Website Monitoring

As network monitoring becomes a more important tool for businesses, website monitoring also plays a key role in keeping customers happy. So what exactly is website monitoring good for?

Website monitoring is a wonderful service for e-commerce websites in particular. It makes sure that a website is up and running efficiently as well as protects people who are purchasing from the website. I have personally had issues where I have visited websites and suffered consequences.

As an avid online shopper, I can recall one particular instance, where I was purchasing merchandise on a website. As I was about to complete my purchase, the shopping cart feature stopped working. I kept refreshing the page hoping that it would fix the error but it did not. I then decided to visit a similar website due to the fact that I was frustrated with the current site I was on. The first website I visited then lost its business from me. I may have been one of the many people that day who decided to leave this site for the same reason. Case in point: websites can lose a significant amount of business just from one error taking place.

Website monitoring will watch over individual pages of your website, protect your business and protect your customers. This service will also notify the administrator when other issues arise.

Website monitoring is very important to maintain a successful business and keep customers and clientele at ease. Yup It’s Up can provide this service to your business so that your customers will never encounter these problems.

Why choose Yup It’s Up versus other website monitoring services?
1) Get started with a free 30-day trial
2) No credit card required for sign-up
3) Capability of monitoring up to 100 monitors and websites

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Network Monitoring & The Restaurant Industry

There are so many benefits of having network monitoring, but why particularly in the dining industry?

In an era where everyone depends on electronics, particularly their cell phones and computers, it is typical to dine in a restaurant and see quite a few people on their blackberries, iPhones and/or laptops.  Whether someone is eating a meal with their family and checking emails under the table on their phone, or there is a table of colleagues out for business, internet access is crucial.

Recently, we received some feedback from a local pizza diner. The restaurant has free wifi connection which is imperative to have in this day and age.  He says that many people will come in and sit at a table or at the bar and spend hours at a time doing work on their laptops.  He feels that it is an important element of customer satisfaction because it drives business.  With laptops, people have the freedom and mobility to be where they want to be (or need to be) and are able to get their work done at the same time.  It is important for the service industry to provide a reliable internet connection so that customers will return.

But what happens when the signal is lost and the connection goes down?  In a restaurant especially where it can get very busy, it is important to have someone who can readily fix the issue.  Realistically, we know that this cannot happen as most restaurant employees get very busy servicing customers.  A solution to all of this is simple: network monitoring.

Network monitoring is a service that will immediately notify the administrator when there is an issue.  It will guarantee constant internet connection and prevent customers from becoming enraged and disappointed in the restaurant.  If a customer is doing work on their computer and suddenly the connection goes down, it could make a person very frustrated, especially if work is lost.

Yup it’s Up can provide a network monitoring service which can ultimately protect your restaurant or business. To try their service, This will ensure that customers will keep returning and your business maintains constant internet access.

Click Here for an Free 30-Day Trial!

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Key Benefits of Monitoring Your Website

Having a continuous website monitoring solution that will notify administrators of any issues or problems on your website is becoming a fast-growing trend across a wide span of industries.

Owners and operators of web-based assets (static website, online store, etc.), especially those that play a critical role in overall business operations, should be constantly aware of the performance of their website. Any disturbances, glitches, or malfunctions can result in a loss of revenue, traffic, transaction, and even worse, could possibly instill an overall negative connotation to your business.

Luckily, there are multiple solutions for users who are looking to prevent any of these things from happening.

Typical users of website monitoring services include:
– Business Owners & e-Business Owners
– CIO’s, Webmasters, & IT Managers
– Tech Support Managers & System Administrators
– Web Hosting Companies & Owners
– Online Advertising Companies & Marketing Directors

Every person will have their own unique need to monitor their company’s website. For example, an internet marketing company that runs ad’s on multiple sites for their clients will want to ensure each website they are advertising on is fully functional. Any disruption in the site will make visitors more likely to leave the site without clicking on (or even seeing) the advertisement, thus effecting the ROI for their client.

Or on a completely different level, a small business which has an online store with a large shopping cart. Each transaction made on the site is very important. Having a website monitoring service can increase number of transactions, customer retention rate, loyalty, and overall satisfaction. A website monitoring tool will ensure customers are receiving the ultimate experience while on your site.

For more information on all the key features that come with having a website monitoring service, try a free, 30-day trail from Yup It’s Up.

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How Can I Find A Wifi Connection?

It is becoming common practice for any business to offer free public wifi or internet connections at their facility. All types of businesses are now offering this type of service. Most recently, I went to my dentist’s office, and not only did they have wireless network capabilities, but also had two desktop computers available for waiting patients to use.

Similarily, while running into McDonald’s to grab a Happy Meal for my kid, I couldn’t help but notice the “Free Public Wifi” window decals on the doors as I entered. I thought to myself… “What will be the next step be in the wonderful world of Wifi?”.

For those who are on the go and are frequently looking for places that have Wifi, or ‘internet hotspots’, here’s a few sites that you will find to be of value:

Why is having Wifi access points becoming a fast-growing trend? Simply because people like to be connected at all times! With popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube growing by the second, businesses are understanding they can have a competitive advantage by allowing their clients / customers to be able to be connected while at their facility.

One great example of a company that has took advantage of this years ago is Wal*Mart. They weren’t offering free public Wifi in their store… but in their parking lots! The purpose of such a strategy is to get people who are currently on the road to stop in their parking lots to check something online real quick. By getting them into the parking lot, they anticipate the person to think “Well… since I’m already here, I might as well run in and pick-up some things”. It’s a great strategy and has worked very well for them.

However, there is one critical element that several businesses fail, and that is to have a network monitoring system, or a website monitoring software coupled with their Public Wifi offering. What good is having a hotspot or internet access point, if the connection crashes every time a user logs in? This could lead to ultimate frustration by the consumer, which could leave them with a negative impact of your business in their mind.

Luckily, there are products, like Yup It’s Up, that are designed for businesses to use. For more information on how to utilize a network monitoring software for your business, please visit for a FREE 30-Day Trial.

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Top 10 Reasons to Monitor Your Website

Several times throughout the day, users will experience difficulties when browsing the web. This can be very frustrating when trying to access information they are in need of. In order to help prevent this problem, Yup It’s Up has created a website monitoring system that will notify webmasters, business owners, and store managers whenever there is an error on your website.

Need more convincing? Check out the top reasons to monitor your website:

1) It’s out of your control. There are far too many external variables, such as server issues, power outages, and even coding errors that could result in your website being down.

2) Do you check your site every day? If not, it could be days, weeks, even months before you even notice an error on your site. This could be detremential to online sales.

3) Having a good reputation is good for business. Having a customer call and tell you there is a problem with your website may not look very professional, and could be slightly embarrassing.

4) Do you trust your hosting company? Typically, companies are looking out for their best interest. If your site is down and they do not catch it for a couple days, chances are they are not going to call and tell you about the mistake they made.

5) Always be prepared. Let’s say you just had a great sales meeting with a potential client. After the meeting, the prospect goes to check out your site and notices several errors. Do you think this will make him more or less inclined to do business with you?

6) Being able to relax. Think of when you have a baby sleeping in the other room. If you do not hear anything coming from that baby monitor, you know everything is alright. Same principle applies for your website. If you are not receiving any notifications of your site being down, you know everything is running smoothly.

7) Get some answers. If you’re website is frequently going down, or an application keeps having issues, a website monitoring tool can help you find out why.

8.) Opportunity cost. Is spending a couple extra hundred dollars a year to ensure your website is operating efficiently worth not having errors on your site that could eventually lead to a loss of online sales?

9) It’s very easy to do. Yup It’s Up website monitoring software is extremely easy to set-up. Plus as an added bonus, they even provide instructional videos.

10) Talk about it. When talking with clients and prospects, you can let them know your website is always operating at full force without any errors. This may seem insignificant to some business models, but for others it’s a great value added service.

For more information on website monitoring tools, please visit our site for a free 30-day trial!

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What To Look For in a Website Monitoring Tool

For any online retailer, blogger, or webmaster who has ever had an issue regarding the performance of their website, and has suffered because of it, you can understand the value of having a reliable website monitoring system.

Website monitoring is a very useful tool, but can sometimes be over-looked. Let’s say you just made a significant investment and had a new website created for your business. Is having a website monitor really worth the additional investment? If your website has any interactive features or applications (think blog, stock ticker, news, live-chat, RFQ form, etc.) then the answer is yes! Think of it as having ‘website insurance’.

For example, if you have a website that has a shopping cart that has items frequently changing,  it is highly recommended a website monitoring device is installed to ensure operations are running smoothly & efficiently. Any down-time in your site could lead to a loss of sales or new customers! Website monitoring software, such as Yup It’s Up, will notify you instantly of any down-time on your site (via text and email), so that you can get the issued resolved in a matter of minutes!

How can you go about getting such a device? How about starting with some online research? You’ll notice services such that offer a $40 / month service that only manages 30 monitors, and there are those which are only $10 / month, but also maxes out at 6 monitors.

You can also stumble upon a website monitoring service called Yup It’s Up, which comes in two plans: Lite and Pro. The Lite plan features 25 monitors for $10 / month. The Pro plan features up to 100 monitors for only $25 / month. Complete with live customer support with professional technicians, and on-site video demonstrations, Yup It’s Up seems to shine above the rest.

Like purchasing any product, it is always best to shop around to see if you can get the best deal. Yup It’s Up is so confident in being the best product on the market, they even offer a free 30-day trial!

Some other things to keep in mind when shopping for a website monitoring system is to ensure the device can check for SSL secured pages, SSL expirations, and specific text on monitored pages.

Could your website be down right now? Let’s hope not, but why take the risk? Get a monitoring tool installed on your website today!

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How To Set-up A Website Monitoring System

Yup It’s Up has a reputation for being one of the best network management systems on the planet, but did you also know Yup It’s Up also features a website monitoring tool?

Why would one need a website monitor exactly? Let’s say you are a webmaster, business owner, or store manager and you have a website for your business. Your website could have a lot of applications, including shopping carts, flash introductions, blog, or several other interactive features. Typically, you want these operating at 100% efficiency at all times.

However, mistakes are bound to happen, whether it be internally or externally. If one of these applications goes down, you want to be able to fix it immediately, before any customer or client recognizes it.

Yup It’s Up has created a video on how-to set-up their website monitoring software. Here’s a broad over-view of step-by-step instructions on setting-up this great management tool!

The video begins by instructing new users to enter their website details. This includes identifying your websites name, host, and tag. This tag helps you distinguish your sites.

Next you will be asked to add monitors, where you will need to choose a service type (options include PING, HTTP, SSL Expiration, or SNMP). You will then need to select a frequency (either 10, 30, or 60 minutes), then, fill in the URL of the webpage to be monitored.

You will then need to repeat this step for each page on your website that you wish to monitor. Depending on the size of your site, this can either be a very quick, or some-what lengthy process. However, having a fully operational site is priceless and well worth the time of the initial set-up!

For more information on our website monitoring services, chat live with a website monitoring expert, or give us a call at 877 – 987 – 4887.

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Coffee Shops Need Network Monitoring

Yup It’s Up is a network monitoring device that is used in applications where constant internet connection is required for a business. This type of software is best used in the dining and hospitality industry.

Many restaurants are failing to see the value in having such a tool at their venue. Despite industry leaders, such as McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks, and Wendy’s, having free public Wifi, coupled with network monitoring equipment, competitors have been slow to adopt this practice into their business model.

Luckily, I have a real-life situation that should grab their attention…

Last week, a colleague of mine, an independent website developer, was working at his favorite local coffee shop in Charlotte, NC. After being in the venue for about two hours, he was near completion of his project.

He was not anticipating the free Wifi internet connection to come to an abrupt halt. While he was ordering another cup of coffee, he left his laptop unattended, with his work not-saved (a rookie mistake, but we’ll all been there before). After sitting back down at his table, he soon realized that the project he was working on was no longer available.

After waiting at the table for an additional 15-minutes for the network connection to be restored, he finally gave into his frustration, and left the coffee shop, and moved operations to a competing internet cafe down the street.

Because of this incident, he has now has a negative feeling towards his old favorite coffee shop, and said “I won’t be going back there anytime soon”.

Don’t let this happen at your coffee shop! Keep in mind that your customers greatly value the internet connection that is being provided, and do not want to loose it!

Are you ready to keep your customers happy? Sign-up for a Free 30-day Trial for our network monitoring solution.

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