Top 10 Reasons Why Website & Network Monitoring Are a Must

You may have heard about website and network monitoring from friends, family members or colleagues. Maybe you read about it or saw an advertisement for a service provider. It either captivated your attention immediately or it was something you never thought twice about. You even questioned why on earth your business would need such a thing?

Network and website monitoring are becoming very popular among businesses and a vital service to have whether you have an E-commerce based company or a Brick and Mortar business, a large association or small, both network and website monitoring are extraordinarily beneficial.

10. No Need for Technical Support. This will not only cut costs but it will also streamline any problems that occur. There will be no need for technical support (which can be costly) as your network and website monitoring service provider will contact you directly when a problem arises. In turn, the issue will be resolved before your customers are discouraged and you will be notified immediately.

9. Protection. Not only will your business be protected but your customers will as well. For instance, if you have an e-commerce business, do you think that customers will be happy if the website is not secured properly? What happens when someone types in their credit card information and another party is able to hack this because the website was not protected? This type of situation can truly ruin your company’s reputation. A website monitoring service will help resolving this issue.

8. Internet Connection. Nothing is worse than being at a quiet location such as a coffee shop and doing work, browsing the internet, or writing a paper and all of a sudden…the internet connection is down. You have lost everything you were working on. You are now angry, frustrated and upset. You even question if you are going to return to this business. This happens more often than not. How, as a business owner, do you recover? This is a huge benefit of network monitoring. Network monitoring will allow businesses to respond quickly and effectively to any down time.

7. Accommodating You: The Business Owner. Do you want your business to be protected but still be in the know at all times? How about receiving notifications and updates via SMS text and/or e-mail? That is the most wonderful thing about it all. Technology has become so imperative over the last decade and we constantly want the opportunity to stay connected at all times. Being updated will allow you to be aware of a problem with the reassurance that the issues are noted and resolved immediately.

6. Secured Website, Pages and SSL Expiration Checks. Does your business have a website? Website monitoring will make sure that your website is secure as well as all of its pages. This gives extra protection to ensure that your site is safe. This particular service will also check for SSL expirations which can guarantee that everything is up-to-date. We know you are busy, so this is one less thing for you to worry about!

5. Keeping Your Customers Happy. It is very apparent that when owning a business, you must keep your customers happy as they are the ones who drive your sales. Show them how much you appreciate their business by keeping them safe and content. Whether you have a shop that has internet connection or you are an online business, network and website monitoring are the tools you need to maintain stability and success.

4. Good for ANY business. You do not have to be a coffee shop or an internet-based business to utilize the services of network and website monitoring. Hotels, airports, restaurants and many other businesses can use these services as well. Are you a marketing company and manage many clients and their websites? Using a network monitoring and website monitoring service can truly save you time and money.

3. Options for Heavy and Light Monitoring. Maybe you have multiple monitors that you need protected and secured, or maybe you just have two. There are different options and plans to meet your needs as a business. After all, these services are here to convenience you.

2. Increase Profit. Scenario #1: You have an e-commerce website. Your shopping cart function is working fast and efficiently. People are not leaving your site because they are frustrated. Your profits are increasing as well as your traffic. Scenario #2: You own a local diner that offers wifi connection. People are coming in, spending money and getting their work done. Any time an issue arises, you are able to respond immediately. Your business is booming and people are returning to their favorite spot to get work done and eat a delicious cheeseburger. The end result: customers are content and your business is prosperous.

1. Create a Good Reputation. It is important more than ever to create a good reputation, especially in our current economy. A business man is chatting with a colleague about his latest business trip to California. He was pleased with the hotel he stayed at as well as the service he was provided. This service also includes the great internet connection he received. “You definitely need to stay at Hotel B next time you visit. The hotel I stayed at last year, Hotel A, kept losing internet connection, how frustrating!” Believe it or not, these conversations do occur and it can really create a stigma for your business. Your company is yours to mold. Strive to make it the best it can be with excellent network and website monitoring!

Yup It’s Up can provide all of the above services to you. We are fast, reliable and our goal is to make you and your business as successful as it can be. Our prices are second to none as well as our customer satisfaction. No need to hesitate, especially with our FREE 30 day trial!

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