Website Monitoring… From an SEO Standpoint

Last week, the team at Yup It’s Up spoke with several cutting-edge search engine optimization companies in regards to how they are using website monitoring services for their internet marketing campaigns. The results that were discovered were very interesting.

A couple firms stated they use a website monitoring service for all of their paid search campaigns. The reason being is because they are frequently creating new landing pages for different campaigns, and sometimes keeping track of them can be a full-time job, especially those pages that have several call-to-action features, such as a contact form or ‘live-chat’ feature.

“Having a website monitoring service helps with SEO because it reduces our constant worry of ‘bounce-rates’. We know that if a page is down on a site, we are not going to get the conversions we are seeking. Even when I am out of the office, I’m glad to have a service like Yup It’s Up that will notify me via text message if one of our micro-sites is having an issue,” said Joe Restivo, Director of Search Strategy at Klik Marketing.

When speaking to companies who are not using website monitoring services, we asked them very simply, why not? The most popular response was that SEO firms didn’t even think about having such a service. After giving them some options to choose from, Yup It’s Up was the product of choice.

Yup It’s Up offers double the monitoring capabilities with half the price!Additionally, new users are getting a FREE 30-day trial. What are you waiting for?! Enhance your SEO campaign today!

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