Why Hotels Need a Network Monitoring Solution

You wouldn’t dream of renting a room without making sure that the bed sheets were changed right?  So why would you allow a guest to check into a room where the internet isn’t working? Take the guess work out of it, and monitor all you access points with Yup it’s Up. Yup It’s Up will allow you to confidently check a guest into their room knowing in advance that the access point serving their room is fully functioning!

Hotel guests expect reliable Internet access while traveling, and will likely check out of hotels that cannot dependably provide this service.  Yup It’s Up allows hoteliers to proactively monitor (via the Yup It’s Up website portal, text messaging to a cell phone or email notifications) and respond to any down alerts of their system before a guest is ever negatively impacted.

Yup It’s Up also offers the capacity to monitor your website’s reservation pages, links, and online shopping cart for integrity and performance, to further ensure a positive guest experience!

With room rates at $80-$150+ per night, a Yup It’s Up basic plan ($10.00 per month) could prove to be both an affordable and indispensable new tool for hoteliers or any other business with a vested interest in making sure their IT infrastructure is fully operational.”

To get started, check out the FREE 30-day trial we are currently offering. No credit card required! Start monitoring your hotel network today!

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