Why You Can’t Live Without Website Monitoring

You have your own e-commerce store and you feel that everything is going well. You’re moving inventory, making sales, and all in all, you are happy with the way business is going. But are your customers protected?

Let’s face it, we all use the internet for almost everything these days. It is becoming one of the most efficient and best ways to shop. Why? The internet allows people to search for deals, find merchandise they may not be able to find in their local store, or it could be the convenience factor. Why go to the mall when you can shop in your pajamas? Internet businesses are booming and as a business owner, you appreciate the customers that shop at your online store. But are you doing your absolute best to service your customers?

The main thing customers are looking for while shopping online is not only the deal and how fast their merchandise can be shipped to them, but protection. While the internet is a wonderful thing, there are many negatives as well that people do not typically think about, such as safety. When putting in credit card information, customers want to feel that their personal material is safe. Website monitoring can ensure that your customers are safe and information is not being seen by a third party. Yup It’s Up, a website and network monitoring company, provides this service and many others at its finest.

So what else can Yup It’s Up and website monitoring do for you?
– Notify you via SMS text and/or e-mail when a problem arises
– Monitor individual pages
– Protect your website
– Check for SSL secured websites or pages
– Check SSL certification expiration

For more information on website monitoring, visit Yup It’s Up today and get started with a FREE 30 day trial!

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